How We Started

Bimmer (pictured above) is my first border collie. She probably has some other breed mixed in there, but I'm not sure what. She was dropped off at an animal shelter in southwest Virginia with her sister when they were pups, about four months old. The vet clinic where I worked would take in overflow from the shelter when they had space and that is how I got to know the pups. Her sister was adopted quickly from the vet clinic, and I just fell in love with Bimmer and had to bring her home with me.

Through the years she has introduced me to all kinds of activities, things I wouldn't have known about if not for the energetic, brilliant pup that I had to keep busy! She has also been very tolerant with the addition of even more border collies to the pack.

I have worked with a few different border collie rescues as I have moved around after college, actively fostering for the past nine years, and when I decided to start my own border collie rescue, I couldn't think of a better way to honor the dog that has taught me so much than to name the rescue after her.

Thank you Bimmer. Although there is more gray on you now after almost 13 years with me, I still see the same brilliance in your eyes, the same happy wag of your tail, and the same smiling pup I fell for all those years ago.


**Rest in peace sweet Bimmer, you are missed every single day. Your legacy will live on through all of the dogs that have been adopted and will be adopted through Bimmer's Border Collie Rescue. You were such a special girl and we were lucky to have had you in our lives.**

Bimmer 3/25/96 - 2/9/09

Where We Are Today

Bimmer's Border Collie Rescue is made up of a small group of volunteers dedicated to finding homes for border collies in need. Our dogs are all in foster homes, there is no main shelter facility. We care deeply for this breed and want to help the border collies we rescue find permanent, loving homes.

Bimmer's BCR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue making your donations tax deductible.



If you are interested in one of the dogs listed under "available dogs", please e-mail us to receive an application. This will give us a better feel for what type of home you can provide for one of our border collies. All dogs placed are spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm tested and on heartworm and flea preventative. We do require a home visit before adopting and prefer to place dogs in northern VA and surrounding areas (including DC and MD).



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